World Health Day in Mid-Michigan

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April 7 is World Health Day here in Michigan and across the globe. The focus of this year's Day is traffic safety, which is a growing health concern, especially for young people.

World Health Day also coincides with the beginning of construction along Interstate-94 in Jackson. The Federal Highway Administration says more than 1,000 people die each year in highway construction zone accidents. And, the number of accidents is on the rise. MDOT says it is doing all it can to make sure drivers and workers are safe in the construction zone.

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning says it is planning several high-profile enforcement campaigns this summer to improve safety on the roads. As part of World Health Day, the office is reminding drivers of common sense safety procedures, such as wearing seatbelts and driving sober. But this summer, police will be out in force during summer holidays to enforce seat belt laws and arrest drunk drivers.