Sauve Brothers Funeral in Stockbridge

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Saying goodbye to the Sauve brothers, Devin and Kade, was something no one wanted to do. But people came by the busloads, filing into Stockbridge High School to give their final farewells to the charismatic and kind brothers.

"I came out of respect for the boys," says Phoebe Simmers, who knew the brothers. "They were terrific boys, always together."

"They always brightened someone's day," says friend Erin Hensley.

"Devin was my student last year," says former teacher Pam Bower. "I had him at the end of the day and he just brightened my day."

Area police and fire departments turned out to lend a hand in managing the crowds. It seems everyone who met the boys-- or simply knew of them-- felt a connection, and they all showed up to their funeral Saturday.

Hensley hadn't seen her friend Devin in a few years, but she still felt compelled to come say her goodbyes.

"Devin was just one of those special people," she says. "Everyone loved him."

Sixteen-year-old Devin and 12-year-old Kade's classmates have been expressing their grief in many ways since the accident, from MySpace pages to a makeshift memorial on M-52, where the brothers died. But many are still grappling with the devastation.

"My girls are having a hard time," Simmers says. "The best I can tell them is take and learn from this, learn what those boys were like and be like those kids, because they were awesome kids."

Even during the funeral, people were pulling to the side of the road to add more to the Sauve brothers' memorial.

"They'll be in our hearts and memories forever," says friend Billy Messner.

Perhaps closure isn't needed when two boys open so many hearts.

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