Late-Night Police/Car Chase on Lansing's East Side

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Lansing police have confirmed one man is in the hospital tonight after a car fleeing a police officer crashes into him while he's driving.

It happened late Friday night. According to Sgt. Cherie Ballor, police attempted a routine traffic stop on Lansing's East Side. The car didn't pull over and eventually began driving erratically. The driver then crashed into another car and injured a man, then proceeded to crash into a house.

All three vehicle occupants fled the scene on foot. One was captured immediately, while the other two were searched down by K9 forces, and officers on foot and in car. All traffic from Kalamazoo to Michigan, and three to four blocks east and west of Allen St. was blocked off by police.

The two other people, including the driver, were found no later than 11:25 pm.

The driver will be arraigned on unknown charges Saturday morning.

There was no one in the house at the time the car crashed into it.

We'll bring you the latest as this story unfolds.

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