Sex Ed for Teens, by Teens

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If you thought a conversation about sex with a teenager involved squirming or giggling, meet Vanessa DeVries and Christian Galbraith.

They are two of eight teen educators through Planned Parenthood's Project THINK--trained to be both knowledgable and candid about the birds and the bees.

"I wish more kids had relationships like I have with my parents," Christian says, of the openness about sex in her family.

In the halls of their own high schools, they're the truth police, stepping in with the facts when they hear misinformation.

"I just wanna be helpful," Vanessa says.

For parents, these kids are the go-betweens. They'll be hosting workshops this summer to help adults help their teens navigate that sometimes confusing world.

"They want to know this information and who better to tell them the teens," coordinator Laurie Benzing says.

Next fall, these teens will be in schools teaching their peers. Their first message is abstinence, and their overall goal is the facts.

They've been through their own intensive training program to get the priviledge--yes, priviledge--to be on the hot seat. The program will recruit more teen educators in May, and begin training them this summer.

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