Stop Stress

Miami recently earned the title of the second most stressful city in America. And research shows us that stress can contribute to serious health problems, like heart disease. But there are simple ways to stop the stress.

On the top of the list to relieve stress is to exercise. You don't need a specific workout. Even a 15-minute walk can go a long way in relieving stress. Exercise helps the heart rate once you've stopped exercising. It increases the endorphins, the body’s natural opiates.

For a quick stress break at work, close your office door and turn of the lights for a few minutes or retreat to a place with soothing sights and sounds. Yoga is becoming a mainstream way to de-stress. By stretching and strengthening, everything that has tensed up seems to release.

Don't have time to hit the gym? Here are a few simple moves to do at your desk. First, stretch out your spine, have your hands the width of your shoulder, and lengthen out over your desk. To lengthen the hips, put one foot up, let it rest on the chair, and bring the leg in toward the side of your body. Also, leaving your desk for lunch, going to a lunch area where other people are chatting about things not related to work, can also be very helpful.

What you eat can also help cause or relieve stress. You don't want real spicy foods. You don't want real chewy foods. Also, a lot of caffeine can cause stress. Try some chamomile herbal tea. And that stiff drink after work to relax isn't such a good idea, says one dietician. She says stiff drinks rob the body of B Vitamins to metabolize alcohol, and we need B Vitamins to get us through the stress.

Certain foods help comfort your stress. Warm white foods, such as pastas or potatoes, all have a soothing effect on the system. So can a warm bath or massage to knead away built up tension. But whether it's tangled traffic or trauma from multi-tasking, one simple stress buster works every time.