Gas Prices High Again

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Gas prices are soaring again across mid-Michigan, in some places as high as $1.84 per gallon. The gas industry says it's not an attempt to bring in big bucks; it may be the only way some small stations can survive.

Station owners are paying $1.16 per gallon but with taxes and other fees added in, the cost goes up to about $1.78 per gallon. Some choose to keep their price at the pump below cost, but the Michigan Petroleum Association or the MPA says in the long run, it can actually hurt smaller companies. Mark Griffin, President of the MPA, says gasoline makes up 70-percent of sales at most gas stations, and owners can't afford to keep their prices below cost.

But there is a way to avoid the high price. You'll typically pay less per gallon early in the week, but the price almost always rises on Thursday or Friday when the demand goes up. The higher prices are meant to deter motorists.