Capitol Loop Construction Begins Monday Morning

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After a delay last year and a slight change of plans, Lansing's $16 million Capitol Loop Construction Project gets underway Monday morning. The first part of the project begins near the intersection of Capitol Avenue and Ottawa Street. The road will be reconstructed, the sewer system worked on and the streetscape improved.

It's a partnership between the city and the Michigan Department of Transportation. M-DOT gets to move forward with plans to work on the loop and the city fulfills its federal requirement to seperate sewage from storm water to protect the Grand River from pollution. Carol Wood, Lansing City Councilmember, says it made a lot more sense to have the street opened once at to do everything at the same time.

It made more sense to some downtown merchants too, merchants concerned that lengthy construction would scare away valuable customers. Randy Glumm, owner of the Way Station Books & Stuff, says he thinks his dedicated customers will come to his store, but he doesn't think any new ones will. Kirk Stone, co-owner of Frizbee's, says the project is somehing that needs to be done and everyone needs to be patient.

The first phase of the project will take until the end of construction season, at least, to complete. Next year work will begin on Capitol and Allegan.

For a complete list of lane closures and detours associated with the Capitol Loop Construction project go to M-DOT's website at