Students March to Lansing and Back Again, Protesting the War

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Many of the student protesters leaving campus in East Lansing were high schoolers when the war in Iraq began.

They were, probably, too young to protest. Now?

"What do we want? Justice!" many cried.

They marched down Michigan Avenue -- taking up two lanes -- all the way to Lansing and the district office of U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Brighton) with some demands.

"We the students, youth and community members of the greater Lansing area of Michigan declare our opposition to the war on Iraq," one student leader said.

The students say they want military recruiters out of high school classrooms. They're asking Rogers to put an end to the war and bring troops home. And they say the money spent on the war could be better spent fixing domestic problems.

"Congressman Rogers can make this happen now," a student leader said.

The group, roughly 100 in number, then marched back toward East Lansing along Michigan Avenue to join with a larger protest.

"We're here to stay stop the war; bring the troops home now," protester Maragret Kingsbury said.

This isn't her first protest. It's not Kenneth Harrow's either.

"I've been out for 40 years regularly," he said.

Including, Harrow says, previous Iraq war protests.

Since it began four years ago, support for the war has eroded. It's something Harrow sees in the larger numbers for this year's protest.

Organizers estimate that at its peak, close to 400 were there.

"There's a realization that people are fed up and turning out where they weren't before," Harrow said.

Police say both protests were peaceful and no one was arrested.

Unlike the students, some of the older protesters say they're not targeting one specific member of Congress.

They say they hope their actions, matched with others around the country, will push Congress to act more decisively to end the war.

"We're here," Harrow said. "This is where it takes place. Right now."

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