Iraq War, A Year Later

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It's been a year since President George Bush ordered U.S. troops to war in Iraq, and in the year since, there have been changes here in Mid-Michigan.
Friday morning, students from Otto Middle School in Lansing visited Army Reservists to learn about a career in the military. Sargeants taught the students about military weapons, equipment and even the food. Many students say they have an interest in serving their country. And military personnel say that might have something to do with the fact that the military presence in the Middle East has dominated the news this year.
Families with loved ones overseas have experienced reunions with those who have returned from serve in the last twleve months. But some families in the area have mourned the loss of those killed in action.
Some have not supported U.S. troops being sent to Iraq. Protestors met at the Capitol in Lansing Friday morning as they have every Friday since September 14, 2001. They say peaceful options should be considered, such as inspections and more U.N. involvement.