Stockbridge Remembering Sauve Brothers

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For 45 minutes, friends of Devin and Kade Sauve stood along M-52 where the brothers were killed in a car crash Monday morning.

It was a moment when silence was loud, when grief was palpable.

Broken glass was still fresh on the road where the size of this impromptu roadside vigil was a testament to the boys they remember.

"Nobody had a bad thing to say about him," teammate Justin Parks said of Devin.

"He was just a good guy," Chad Snyder said of Kade.

Friends describe Devin and Kade Sauve in much the same ways--boys who were genuinely well-liked, funny, and talented athletes to boot.

Flowers, pictures, messages, and two wooden crosses will mark the spot where they were taken before their time. Memories will fill the void as the small community where they were raised leans on each other.

The roadside vigil at dusk on Monday was just the beginning of mourning. A prayer service at the First Baptist Church was so crowded people stood in the lobby.

It was a service Stockbridge's students asked for as an opportunity to mourn together, the pastor, Brian Johnson said. "God is here," he said during the service, "God is with you."

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