Alternative Cancer Therapy

If you do develop cancer, you may turn to alternative methods for help, as millions of cancer patients already have. One such therapy that is widely practiced by individuals and support groups is yoga. But it's actually never been scientifically studied for cancer until now.

Traditional yoga is more about flexibility, strength, and stamina, and it's been used to help people deal with the stress of a variety of diseases. But this yoga class that is being studied focuses more on the meditative aspects of Hindu discipline. The study funded by the N.I.H. to see whether yoga can have a beneficial effect on cancer patients.

The instructors at the Einstein Cancer Center consulted with yoga experts in both India and the US to tailor it for cancer patients. While final results aren't in preliminarily, women report improved emotional well-being and a higher quality of life. The folks at Einstein say, if yoga works for breast cancer patients, they hope to open it up to people with lung and colorectal cancer.