Anti-Drug Team Busts Jackson County Home Grown Operation

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A high-tech marijuana-growing operation in Jackson County was shut down on Sunday.

A Blackman Township police officer was called to a home in the 12-hundred block of Winifred Street Sunday afternoon.

He says he smelled pot and saw several plants when he looked in the window.

Detectives tell us the man running the operation had more than 200 plants and knew what he was doing.

"He had his own drying system set up, air quality system was wired into the house, all the lights and power inverters were directly wired into the house which was vented through the heating system," said Blackman Township Detective Chris Boulter. "This is a very intricate scenario compared to other cases in the county."

Police say they also found more than a dozen long guns in the home.

A 52-year-old suspect is awaiting charges.