Stop Snoring

The number one sleep problem plaguing millions of couples is snoring. We have a five-minute fix that could have you both sleeping again.

For some couples, snoring is forcing a spouse on the couch. Maybe the relatively simple "pillar polyester implant" procedure will help stop the racket and get you off the couch.

Snoring comes from vibration of the tissues in the roof of the mouth. This is an actual implant that is placed over a model. Basically it extends the roof of the mouth back and further down so it doesn't move as much.

The mouth is numbed. The doctor injects the implant, 3 of them, 1 at a time. under the skin at the back of his throat. The actual procedure takes about five minutes. It does not require cutting or heating. It does not cause significant amounts of pain.

You can enjoy a nice lunch just minutes after the procedure. Some doctors have expressed concern about the long-term effects. The procedure costs $2100, it is not covered by insurance, but may help you snore no more.