St. Pat's In Mid-Michigan

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Contrary to how it might look, St. Patty's Day is serious business in mid-Michigan.

"I woke up at four in the morning, got in line at quarter to five and waited outside for two-and-a-half hours," says MSU student Tiffany Davis.

Ok, ok-- it's not all that serious. But the party did start in the Lansing area well before most of Michigan was awake.

"At about 7 a.m., we counted 500 people lined up and down the block waiting to get in," says Myles Rudd, bar manager of the new Dublin Square in East Lansing.

Traditional Irish music accompanied hot plates of corned beef and cabbage as everyone found a way to celebrate, no matter their age.

"On St. Patty's Day, we're all Irish," says Ron Southwick of East Lansing, "even though I'm Scottish."

"It's a time to get together with friends, celebrate our heritage, wear a little green," Davis adds.

And Okemos' Philip Dwyer says it's a holiday that he celebrates "365 days a year, but this one is just the most public."

There's one thing every St. Patty's Day celebration needs to take people right to the streets of Dublin: bagpipes. That unmistakable sound was heard all over town, making the day authentic for those who couldn't make it to Ireland.

And who can forget the green beer?

"Green beer is the spice of life!" says reveler Megan Morin of Howell.

At the Irish Pub and Grill in Lansing, the brewed delicacy was being served in milk jugs, but over at Claddaghs in Lansing Township and Dublin Square, they opted for straight-up Guinness.

And if St. Patty's didn't already compel people to dress in head-to-toe green, the game Saturday night surely did.

"We were here 10 hours early to grab a table for the game," says Chris Ellsworth of Kalamazoo. He sat at a table of about 10 friends at the Irish Pub and Grill.

"Playing North Carolina on the same day as St. Patty's is pretty crazy. If the Spartans win, it will be awesome," says MSU student Matt Sloan.

But craziness is in the eye of the beholder on this colorful holiday.

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