Measles Advisory

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A passenger on last Friday's Northwest Airlines flight 39 which originated in Amsterdam, landed in Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and proceeded on to Cedar Rapids, Iowa was diagnosed with the measles.

Dr. John Wycoff says the disease is so rare, he's never even seen a case in the 16 years he's practiced medicine, but it is extremely contagious and potentially fatal.

"Measles can cause life-threatening pneumonia, diarrhea, or infection of the brain," said Dr. Wycoff.

Most people have received an MMR vaccination, which will protect them from the disease. Those not vaccinated have a 90-percent chance of getting sick.

Symptoms include a runny nose, watery eyes, scratchy throat, cough, and fever of 100 or more degrees, but probably the most characteristic symptom is a fine, pink rash over most of the body.

"You can get an immuno-globulal injection as soon as symptoms appear and is compatible with the disease," said Dr. Wycoff.

The approximately 200 passengers on board and anyone in the terminals have been advised to get immunized id they haven't been already.

The MI Dept. of Community Health has no confirmed cases of the measles in the state.