Pipeline Pomp and Circumstance

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The Wolverine Pipeline Co. has wanted to finish its Spartan pipeline project for several years.

News 10 has learned they may be closer to a conclusion. The Michigan Public Service Commission has the pipeline issue on their agenda for July 23 and could make a decision to allow the company to begin construction or ask for other accommodations.

According to Wolverine, there will be approximately 60 miles of pipeline used in the project, but the 26 miles running though South Lansing has raised the most controversy.

Portions of the pipeline will run along side of Interstate 96. Because of this and the perception an accident could endanger lives, the City of Lansing has been opposed to the project.

Wolverine officials claim their safety precautions are appropriate for the plan.

David Hollister, Mayor of The City of Lansing, says the pipeline could be an unacceptable fire risk and could be hazardous to the drinking water.