What's the Job Outlook for Mid-Michigan?

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The projections have slowly been getting better over the last three years, and according to a survey released Tuesday, those in mid-Michigan looking for work could soon be getting a much needed boost.

Every quarter, every year, a Lansing company called Manpower surveys 16,000 employers from every imaginable industry. In its most recent report, close to one-third of employers say they plan to hire more people starting next month. An impressive increase could be seen in mid-Michigan.

Elaine Sandbrook, Manpower's Area Manager, says the area is seeing a lot of stability and 33% of the industry is going to be hiring. Surveyors predict a jump in manufacturing, durable goods, and even seasonal jobs like construction.

Stephanie Marin, Director of MI Works Charlotte office, says she hopes the reports are correct, but in her line of work, there has been a decrease in the number of open positions.