MSU Residence Hall Reopens

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A 52-year-old residence hall on the campus of Michigan State University reopens after the hall was closed for 16 months due to major renovations.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the cafeteria of Shaw Residence Hall. The major renovations cost the school about $12 million.

Some of the improvements include better furniture, smoke detectors and sprinklers, and new electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems. Not to mention luxury items like hot tubs and bigger bathrooms.

School officials say the renovations will not drive up the cost of living in the dorm. Residents will continue to pay around $5,000 a year to share a room and eat 18-20 meals a week.

MSU has the largest residence hall system in the nation, with the school housing 17,000 of the school's 44,000 students.