Duct Tape Warts

Researchers are putting a handyman's cure-all to the test in hopes of finding a better and less painful way to eliminate warts.

The cutting edge of medicine is tougher then it looks. Several family doctors are now turning to Duct Tape therapy to remove warts. Warts are caused by a contagious virus, and they are harmless but tough to get rid of. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used to burn them off, but it's painful and can leave scars.

Sixty children with warts tested a theory that duct tape could fix just about anything. Researchers found an 85-percent cure rate when a wart was covered with tape for a week to two months. As opposed to only 60-percent of those that came back repeatedly over two months to have the wart sprayed with liquid nitrogen.

But there is one thing to watch out for before you head to the hardware store to treat your warts. If there's any question that it may be skin cancer or a melanoma or pigmentation or anything but a classic wart, get a doctor to look at it.

Doctor's also say there are other benefits to Duct Tape Therapy, which include the low price. Estimated costs are less then 10 cents a treatment.