Double Homicide in East Lansing

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Two men were found shot to death in an East Lansing martial arts studio. Police are still investigating the crime. They say two students coming to the studio for a class discovered the bodies. One of the victims is being identified as 29-year-old Jeffery Friedlis of Grand Ledge. The other victim, an asian male, has not been named.

East Lansing and Michigan State Police sealed of an entire stretch of business around the martial arts studio. A K-9 tracking dog was used, but couldn't pick up a scent. Police say they've interviewed business owners and neighbors in the area, but say none of them heard any gunshots. One business owner says she heard what sounded like a car backfiring around noon.

Police are still processing the crime scene and say at this point, they do not have suspects in the case. This is the second homicide to happen in East Lansing in less than two weeks after another man was shot and killed outside a 7-Eleven in East Lansing, just across the street from the martial arts studio.