Rare Isotope Accelerator

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Michigan State University is fighting to bring one of the most advanced nuclear physics facilities in the world to East Lansing.

The addition would be a major technological feat as well as an economic boost for the state. MSU is trying to bring the Rare Isotope Accelerator to its campus. It would immediately make the university one of the most important players in the field of nuclear physics.

U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham was at Lansing Community College on Thursday. His department will be in charge of making the final decision. Abraham says a decision is still in the distance.

RIA produces isotopes at extremely high speeds. It helps us understand the origins of mankind and this research can be used for cancer treatments and the environment.

MSU President Peter McPherson says the combination of education and research facilities make the campus a prime spot for RIA. One of its main competitors is Argon National Laboratory in Chicago.