Spring Loaded

A new trend in footwear is giving patients an extra spring in their step. Thye're called Z-Coils and they've got some patients with chronic foot pain walking on air.

A steel spring in the shoes replaces the heel on Z-Coil shoes of every style. The purpose of Z-Coil is to relieve foot, knee and back pain. The steel coil kind of works like shocks absorbers on your car making you more stable than regular shoe while walking on an uneven surface.

The shoe has a built in orthopedic in the shoe to stabalize your foot and then that coil absorbs 50% impact and 40% energy return. The coils come in four strengths and adjustments are done when needed.

Z-Coils aren't cheap. They cost anywhere from $150 to $180 a pair. For more information log onto www.zcoil.com .