Lansing City Council Moves to Increase Diversity

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he Lansing City Council is introducing an ordinance that could help promote diversity in the city's business building practices.

Rowland and Linda Cornish began their electrical business in Lansing seven years ago. Cornish says he hopes to someday work with the City of Lansing, but faces the challenge of getting his name out among the other bigger, traditional businesses that may be competing for the jobs.

A committee on diversity has been looking into ways to help minority business owners, like Rowland and Linda Cornish, get involved in city projects. At Monday's meeting, an ordinance was introduced that, if passed, would increase awareness and use of diverse contractors. Carol Wood, council member at large, says reports coming back to the city would have to state that departments had looked for minority companies.

The City Council will hold a public hearing on the matter at its next meeting, March 22.