American Drug Club Closes

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After opening just five months ago, the American Drug Club in Lansing is closing its doors. Owners say the Michigan Ave. location didn't attract enough foot traffic to pay the overhead. So, to save costs, management has opened a call center and a prescription drop off location at 1429 E. Michigan.
The store was the first in the area where Mid-Michigan residents could direct order prescriptions from Canada, owners say at a savings of 30-80%. All customers had to do was bring in a prescription, fill out a medical history, and the drugs would be sent straight to their home.
Owners say the Drug Club's website and call center are doing well, recieving between 50-100 calls each day.
Several politicians and pharmacists opposed the store, saying drugs imported from Canada might not meet U.S. standard. But store owners say just because the doors are closed, that doesn't mean they won't be suppling customers with affordable prescription medication from Canada.