Alison House

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"With a disability you put a lot of challenges in the way and a lot of obstacles."

24-year old Kim Munro suffers from cerebral palsy. She's lived with her parents her entire life in a home that isn't exactly handicap accessible. But in just a couple of days that will all change. Because Kim is moving into Alison House.

"When I found out about the Alison House, how barrier free it was going to be and what obstacles I didn't have to overcome, I was like, hey independence for me."

"It's living on your own. We do not provide any 24 hour care. So the individuals living here do need to live independently or to have their own caregivers arranged," says Alison House manager Christie Parry.

Alison House has been a three year project of Lutheran Social Services of Michigan. It's HUD subsidized housing for those living with physical disabilities.

"There are not a lot of barrier free facilities available outside of retirement and group home facilities. And so this provides a great opportunity for the physically handicapped individual."

"I've always had to rely on other people to help me do stuff. So it's actually a confidence builder," Munro says.

"There's still going to be separation anxiety, just that it's not going to hit me for a little bit when she gets in. But when she gets this opportunity to go out and do this on her own I'm excited for her," says Kim's mother Vickie Munro.

Alison House is accepting applications for tenants. You must be at least eighteen years old and have a diagnosed physical disability. If you'd like to take a tour of the facility, Alison House is having its dedication Thursday, March 8th at 2:30pm. It's located in Delta Township at 943 Alison House Lane. That's directly behind the Kohl's off of West Saginaw Highway. For more information on Alison House or the dedication, you can call (517)323-4222 or send an email to

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