Nascar Dads

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President Bush is beginning his re-election campaign full speed ahead by participating in the opening ceremonies at the Daytona 500. It's an attempt to appeal to NASCAR fans, more specifically NASCAR dads. The dads are a group of voters made up of white surburban men favoring family, patriotism and stock car racing.

For the most part, the NASCAR dads supported Bush in the last election, but political experts say that could change in this year's contest. Steve Uptegraft is one of the dads who isn't buying what the President is trying to sell. Uptegraft says he's going to vote for the person who will do the best job and he's not satisfied with the way things are today. Roxanne Hedin, a NASCAR mom, thinks the presidential candidates should look to the women too.

According to NASCAR, 75 million people are avid race fans. That's one third of the American adult population and a group that could have an effect in the upcoming race for the white house.