Back Pain Exercises

There's pain killers and physical therapy, chiropractors and surgery, acupuncture and massage, just some of the dozens, actually hundreds of things people try to erase their back pain.

For a vast majority of low back pain, 95-percent plus, there is not a surgical solution, but a simple exercise program that kind of emphasizes flexibility, strength and endurance. If it's done at least three times a week it can go a long way in reducing the recurrence of back problems.

Here's a simple exercise: First, if you are in acute pain gently put both legs on a chair to take pressure and strain off the spine, and slow your breathing down. It helps to reduce spasm itself and it's sort of a distraction to reduce pain.

This exercise is part of the Back R-X program which borrows principles from yoga and pilates, but only the moves that are safe for the back pain sufferers. The Back R-X is divided into 3 levels of difficulty as you progress. But like any program, you have to actually do the exercises fairly regularly to get better.