Hundreds Pay Tribute to Robert Busby

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He was a man many say built old town into what it is today. A man with a smile, a warm heart, and a giving personality. Hundreds came to pay tribute to Robert Busby and the legacy he leaves behind.

"To me, Old Town is Robert and to me there's a void that can never be filled in the city and in my heart," said Bonnie Stebbins, Busby's friend of 30 years.

Some wiped away tears as friends and family offered their memories, others embraced looking for comfort. But all honored a man they say will never be forgotten.

"Nobody knew him like I did. He was my daddy," said Busby's daughter Ena. "I'm going to really miss him but I'm going to try and go forth and be as he was."

"His warmth, his honesty. There was just a calmness, a pleasantness around him," said friend Archie Lake. "You never saw him angry. He always wanted to help. He was just a great person."

It was Robert's accomplishments that will be evident in years to come. His gallery in Old Town and the countless lives friends say he's touched throughout his 30 years in Lansing.

"It's actually a testament to who he was," said friend Jamie Schriner-Hooper. "His spirit will continue to live on in all the hearts of the people who are down here today."

Hundreds who will always keep robert busby in their memories and in their hearts.

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