"Linking Lansing with You"

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Janiero Hunter, a pre-nursing student at Michigan State, has only been at Ingham Regional Medical Center for about an hour, and yet his head is already spinning.

"The first ten minutes I learned so much. There's so much information to soak up, that's why I got the notebook with me."

Janiero, as well as 32 other students from MSU, shadowed healthcare workers at IRMC Tuesday. It's part of a new program called "Linking Lansing with You," -- a partnership between Michigan State and the City of Lansing.

"We realize there's kind of a brain drain in MSU students as they approach graduation assuming they have to look for work outside and not in the beginning search here. We want to make sure that it's Lansing first that students look to Lansing."

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says the decline in the city's population equals to a drop in the economy. So he hopes students like Janiero will think about opportunities in the area.

"If we were able to glean just a small percentage of students who are passing through this area and get them to stay and take up residence in Lansing, we wouldn't have a population loss at all, we'd be gaining population."

"We love students from this area. We love Michigan State students. They have a great nursing program. They produce great nurses, and we'd love to see those nurses stay in this area and work with us," says IRMC Nurse Recruiter Mary Lou Searls.

It's something Janiero says he will seriously consider.

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