Artificial Disc

Upon hearing the term herniated disc, most people think of low back pain and Sciatica. But you can also slip a disc in your neck, and it's just as painful. Now, there's a new artificial disc that's being tested as a replacement for blown neck discs.

When physical therapy and mediation fail for a herniated disc in the neck, a patient’s only option is to have surgery, which usually means removing the bad disc and replacing it with bone, fusing the vertebrae together. But that can be very painful if a bone graft comes from the patient's own hip, and more importantly is the long-term effect.

Now, a new clinical trial is using an artificial spinal disc to replace the herniated disc. It's a plastic and metal device that allows the vertebrae to move relative to each other, just like nature intended. It's not much but possibly enough. And recovery time is really fast.

The right patient for this clinical trial is someone who has significant arm or hand pain and has failed all other therapy. This artificial disc is similar to the discs that have been approved for use in the lower back.

For more information on the clinical trial, you can contact Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein at NYU- Hospital for Joint Disease at (212) 513-7711.