Creating a "Heart Safe" Community

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The Meridian Township Fire Department goes out on calls everyday, many dealing with heart problems, so up to date ambulance equipment is crucial. That's why this heart monitor along with one other is being replaced.

"With units that not only do everything that they do, but also perform more functions."

Fire Inspector Mark Hornberger says the department recently found out it had been awarded a federal grant of more than $56,000. With the money it plans to buy two new heart monitors, CPR mannequins and seven automatic external defibrillators that township employees will learn to use.

"It's going to allow us to provide early defibrillation to people who have heart attacks. We're able to shock it and the earlier you can shock it the better."

"When new technology emerges we want to make sure that we have the cutting edge equipment that we have the tools and training for our firefighters to provide the best possible service for our residents," says Assistant Township Manager Paul Brake.

Currently the Municipal Building as well as Parks and Recreation have AED's on site but the other township-owned buildings do not. And that's where the seven new AED's will go: to the Harris Nature Center, the three fire stations, Nokomis Learning Center, Public Safety and the Snell Recreation Center.

"It's going to make it much safer fo people who work here, for our visitors to our community, yes if something happens our employees will know what to do and the equipment to do it with."

This is the third grant the fire department has received. It expects to receive the money within the next couple of months.

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