Old Town Pushes On

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"We've got a number of quotes from community people, neighbors, people who knew him who aren't necessarily artists."

Carolyn Haun prepares Banyan Gallery for Sunday's Gallery Walk -- in honor of Robert Busby, "Mayor" of Old Town.

"We will rededicate ourselves to his memory and to his legacy. No one will allow Old Town to fail."

That's why despite his tragic death, the monthly event will go on.

"Even though our heart hasn't caught up with that feeling yet, intellectually we know we must stay and work and build this community better than it ever was."

"Art and the development of Old Town was such a part of his dream, that if we stop and not continue to see everything thrive and grow, that we're going to be respecting his dream," says Absolute Gallery's Kathy Holcomb.

Busby was found murdered Tuesday. Police discovered him inside the Creole Gallery, a shop he owned for years. The suspect in the case, Elio Garcia, killed himself during a stand-off with police. And now a hole is forever left in the Old Town community.

Holcomb says, "I think a lot's going to be missing. A lot's going to be missing. I just have to think that this is Old Town, and we probably have ghosts and he'll always be here watching us."

"No one is as strong as Busby. But together we are," says Haun.

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