Home for Bear Cubs

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The Department of Natural Resources is trying to find a home for two bear cubs captured after a logger ran over their den in Northern Michigan. The truck killed one cub, and the mother bear ran off when the accident happened last month in Montmorency County.

The DNR expected to put the cubs to sleep Wednesday, but an offer from an out-of-state zoo to take the bears came early in the day. DNR officials say it is difficult to find a new home for the bears because they come from a part of the state where an estimated three-percent of the bears have bovine tuberculosis. Bovine TB is contagious, so zoos and wildlife reserves are concerned about their other animal population.

The DNR says there is no test to determine whether the cubs have TB. The bears are being held at the Rose Lake Wildlife Center in Bath Township.

Potter Park Zoo had initially said they would take the cubs at least temporarily, but they decided not to because of the risk to the rest of their animal population. But zoo officials are assisting the DNR in placing the cubs.

The DNR expects to determine the fate of the cubs in the next several days.