Crime Stats

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The Lansing Police Department releases its crime stats for 2003 and they show crime is down in the Capitol City.

The biggest change has been in the number of homicides. This crime is down about 33-percent in 2003 from the previous year. But on the flip side it looks like criminals are targeting cars.

According to the Lansing Police, the biggest increase is in motor vehicle theft. There's a 13-percent increase in 2003. Authorities say most thefts occur when drivers leave their cars running and this usually happens at convenient stores.

Lansing Police say the most popular car to steal in Lansing is the Dodge Intrepid.

Other crimes on the decline are rape, robbery and arson. Rape is down 12-percent, robbery 15-percent, and arson 17-percent.

Police credit new technology and neighborhood watch groups for the change.