PATCH Goes to School

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Math probably isn't the subject most people learn in the school gym.

But students at Elmwood Elementary school are adding and multiplying during physical education class. They're learning how to find their pulse and what's a healthy exercise rate.

John Zubek brings "Preventative Approach to Cardiac Health" or PATCH to different schools each week.

"We show them some important heart topics and use math skills too," John Zubek said.

Student at Elmwood are just part of the 2100 students so far this school year alone to have PATCH at their school. But it's only the 3rd and 5th graders that are lucky enough to hear his lessons.

"At about 6th grade kids' behaviors become more permanent. We want to reach them early, said John.

Students also receive workbooks so they can practice those healthy lessons at home. Each exercise looks at everything from food and nutrition to the function of the heart and muscles and what kids can do to maintain a healthy heart.

If you'd like PATCH to visit your school call the Ingham Regional Healthwise University at 517-367-5163.