Daycare Complaints Released

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The daycare's been shut down since mid-January over the charges that Robin Wood molested two girls there, but the state's records on the childcare facility show no mention of any concerns about abuse.

One report filed in February 2002 complains two young children were left unsupervised in the yard with a gate open. A 2005 complaint alleges a baby slept on a couch and a bed instead of in a crib as the state requires.

DHS did not take action against the daycare in either case.

Robin Wood's attorney John Frawley argues those complaints are minor, considering Mary's Quality Daycare was in operation for approximately 30 years.

"To have 2 complaints over that period is actually exemplary," Frawley says.

Wood continues to maintain his innocence on charges of criminal sexual conduct against two young girls. The prosecutor says he molested a 4-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl who attended his wife's facility.

The investigator on the case says at least 10 people have reported inappropriate behavior, and that she'll ask the prosecutor to pursue more charges.

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