Mega Millions Helps Education Funding

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People are buying lottery tickets -- one, two, three at a time, as Friday's Mega Millions jackpot reaches 275-million dollars. While the majority of those buying tickets won't win, public schools in Michigan will win.

"The more you invest in education, the more you invest in Michigan's future. As the lottery profits grow so do the investments in public education," says Martin Ackley with the Michigan Department of Education.

"And at $275 million with mega millions, you get a lot of people who don't normally play lottery games," explains Michigan Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters.

Last year 688 million dollars was given to state schools through funding from the Michigan Lottery -- a record breaker for the third year in a row.

Peters says, "We're expecting this year to be in excess of 700-million for public schools in the state of Michigan."

But 12-billion dollars is what the schools need.

"When you think about $688 million, it's only about 5-percent of the total pie that goes into state funding. But think of what it would be like without $688 million. It would be more of a burden," says Ackley.

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