GM LCA Smokestacks Imploded

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Demolition is right on schedule at the sites of General Motors' former Lansing car assembly plants.

Friday morning, three smokestacks were imploded at Plant 6 on Verlinden Ave. They used to service the powerhouse there.

Less than 10 pounds of dynamite were used to take the brick stacks down. Demolition began more than one year ago and should be complete by summertime. Production ceased at the plants in May 2005.

GM Spokesperson Kim Carpenter says, "Once the facility has completed demolition we will complete an environmental assessment then we'll start working with community leaders and neighbors on a redevelopment plan."

Demolition down the road at the original LCA Plant is on schedule too. The site on the banks of the Grand River off Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. should be clear by summertime.

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