Ingham County Gets New Equipment

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A disaster can happen anytime, anywhere. To help local agencies prepare for the unknown, the Department of Homeland Security has granted millions of dollars for safety equipment and training.

The Ingham County office of Emergency Services has received more than $300,000 since the grant money has been issued. New equipment has been bought with the most recent allocation. Approximately 300 gas masks, cartridges, and carrying cases have been purchased and added to the growing list of preparedness supplies. Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth says it makes managing a disaster easier from everyone's point of view.

Since the 9-11 attacks, millions of dollars have been spent on safety throughout the United States. COL. Michael McDaniel, the Governor's Homeland Security Advisor, says he hopes Michigan never has to use the equipment because of a disaster, but the whole process has given the state a better understanding of what the objectives are and where money will be spent for preparedness.