Community Police Officer Arresting a Few Each Day

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There are no handcuffs and no flashing lights, but just being at a neighborhood association meeting Thursday night is part of Officer Ken Callison's beat.

"Still meeting people," he says.

He's the community policing officer working the streets in Lansing's Genesse Neighborhood. He's been on the job since late January and that month has already yielded about 30 arrests.

"I'm averaging 2 or 3 arrests a day when I work," he says.

Ruth Hallman, the president of the neighborhood association, is tracking the progress.

"He comes and visits with me for about an hour about once a week... and I really appreciate that," Hallman says.

She says the barricades that the city put up in January are being ignored by drivers who simply turn around them, but Callison says it's been a blessing in disguise.

He simply pulls those drivers over, and those traffic stops have yielded a number of arrests on other charges.

The true test, Callison and Hallman agree is in the spring when he can get out of the car and address more people face to face.

He's found so far, many of the criminals are not from the area. It'll take time for them to know about him.

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