Child Abuse Suspect Could Be Facing More Charges

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Robin Wood faces six counts of criminal sexual conduct stemming from accusations he molested two young girls at his wife's daycare. The Detective on the case says she's preparing to present one additional child case to the Prosecutor and request a warrant.

Wood's Defense Attorney John Frawley says he's not surprised. In the media, Police have asked anyone with questions or incidents to report to call them. Frawley says, "Who knows what can happen when you have that kind of publicity? All we can do is peel the onion one layer at a time."

Detectives have interviewed at least 20 people who've had some sort of contact with Mr. Wood. At least 10 say he acted inappropriately.
Four adults have come forward. They allege he molested them when they were children. The rest are children alleging they've been involved in an incident with Mr. Wood at his wife's daycare, Mary's Quality Daycare. Wood maintains he is innocent.

Wood was in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing. It was adjourned and will be rescheduled. A Judge granted a motion, filed by Prosecuting Attorney Lisa McCormick, allowing for the two young girls involved in the current case to testify at Wood's preliminary hearing in a room separate from him. Mr. Wood will be able to watch on a monitor as they are being questioned.

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