Tea Warning Update

Months ago, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning concerning tea brewed from Star Anise. Now, doctors want to reinforce the warning, saying they are still seeing patients for emergency treatment after drinking this tea.

Tea brewed from Star Anise on Anise Estrellado is often given to infants for Colic.

But one Miami hospital has seen seven cases of Adverse Neurological reactions among infants aged two weeks to three months who were exposed to the Star Anise tea. Symptoms were noticeable in 30 minutes to six hours after drinking tea brewed from Star Anise.

Despite the FDA's warning on September 10th, more cases have surfaced. One mother ingested the tea herself, and after her child breastfed, the child suffered effects from the Star Anise.

There are two types of Star Anise, Chinese, the kind sold for tea in this country, and Japanese, not sold for consumption because it contains toxic compounds.

Meantime, the FDA and doctors advise adults and especially children not drink Star Anise tea.