Hot Flash Supplement

It's a study involving one of the most popular herbal supplements, if it's found to be could offer women relief from their menopausal symptoms, without the side effects.

Women know the typical hotflash can strike anytime, day or night. Then there are the mood swings. Some even consider hormone replacement therapy to relieve the symptoms, but many change their mind when they hear about the potentially negative consequences.

That's why many women try alternative therapies like herbal supplements. A new study at the UConn Health Center is testing the effectiveness of one of the most popular herbs, black cohosh.

The study involves two supplements containing black cohosh and isoflavones at slightly different doses. They will compare those supplements to a placebo pill to determine whether the herbs actually reduce menopausal symptoms.

For more information on the study, you can call the UConn Health Center at (860 )679-3043.