Bad Weather Hits Mid-Michigan

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Mid-Michigan woke up Thursday morning to a dreary mix of snow, rain and sleet. And for those living near Mason, they also woke up to a dark, cold house.

"This morning in the Dansville/Mason area, about 2,200 people were without power. The cause was a failed transformer," says Consumers spokesman Terry DeDoes.

Consumers Energy crews were fixing the transformer when News 10 caught up with them Thursday afternoon. They were braving the freezing rain that could have been the source of the problem.

"The failure could be weather-related," DeDoes says. "This weather could have exacerbated the situation."

Richard Townsend was one of those 2,200 powerless folks. He says this is the third time he's lost power this winter.

"You get used to it living in Michigan, that's for sure," Townsend says.

He left his chilly home to go get his hair buzzed at the Mason Barber Shop. His barber Jim Leonard didn't lose power, but wouldn't have minded a snow day.

"It would've been nice to go get breakfast before work," he says.

As Wednesday night's snow began to melt into a slushy mess, Shawn Kirkpatrick took to the streets of Mason.

"I'm shoveling the sidewalk, getting rid of the slush," he says. "Fun stuff."

He bets he'll be doing more of this as March marches on, leaving behind a trail of slippery ice and sloppy slush.

The power in Mason was restored by mid-day, but DeDoes says Consumers is ready if and when we get more extreme weather.

"They're predicting thunderstorms. We'll have our crews ready to respond."

Responding to what many are calling a typical March entrance.

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