No Proof of Insurance?

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If you get pulled over by the police and fail to provide proof of car insurance, you could get a ticket. You could also get a hefty fine from the state.

The Driver Responsibility Act went into effect in October. It allows the state to issue fines on top of what has already been issued by law enforcement. The violation is failing to provide proof of insurance during a routine traffic stop and drivers are being fined even if they can later provide proof.

The money collected is being used to help balance the state's budget, but some think it's unfairly targeting innocent drivers by pushing pricey fines on them. The state is sending thousands of letters to Michigan motorists this week to inform them that they owe money because of the no proof of insurance fee.

A group of lawmakers is sponsoring a bill to get the no proof of fee, which can cost as much as $300, waived. If passed, it would go into effect in June. Those backing the bill are aiming to get refunds for those who paid the fee this spring.