Beef Patty Recall

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Sam's Club warehouse stores are recalling a batch of frozen beef patties sold in 32 states.

The patties were sold under the Northern Plains name, and were found to be tainted with E. coli bacteria.

The patties were produced at a Carneco Foods plant in Columbus, Nebraska. No illnesses have been reported.

Sam's Club says customers should return the following products for a full refund or replacement:

  • Ten-pound boxes with a code date of 2002-053-1317 and any number replacement of 1317.

  • Six-pound bags with code dates of 02053-A1P and 02053-21P.

  • Frozen sirloin patties with a code date of 02053-21P.

Code dates can be found on the bottom of the bag at the seal or on the side panel of the box.