Police: Murder Suspect Dead

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"At this time we do believe that we have the killer of Mr. Busby and that he's the deceased person in the vehicle," said Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley.

Police aren't releasing that suspect's name at this point but neighbors and friends of Robert Busby, have identified the man as 55 year old Elio Garcia, a handyman who had been helping Busby renovate one of his galleries.

"He was a handyman that helped Robert do things when Robert did some renovations over there," said Busby's friend Richard Galosy. "He did carpentry type work or handy-man type work."

He was staying in the basement of one of Busby's galleries for about the past month. Some who knew Garcia say he was a Cuban refugee who would help out with various jobs throughout old town.

"He would stop by and ask if there was work and occasionally we'd have something for him to do and hire him," said Sharon Burton.

Burton and her boyfriend, George, are Garcia's former employers. She says Garcia last worked for them about three years ago and had a drinking problem.

"When he earned money you didn't pay him until the end of the week because he'd get drunk," Burton said. "You'd pay him but don't expect to see him for a few days."

Others say Busby had even bailed Garcia out of jail -- as Busby often did everything he could to help others.

"Robert told me Elio had gotten into some trouble and he had gone down to bail him out," Galosy said.

Police found Busby's body in the basement of his Creole Gallery Tuesday afternoon, before tracking down the suspect early Wednesday morning.

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