Coalition Calls for More Money for Schools

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The K-16 Coalition for Michigan's Future is asking lawmakers to promise to provide adequate funding for Michigan schools. The coalition is made up to 11 top education associations.

The group's leaders say despite state budget woes, legislators need to properly fund schools. But the organization did not put forth any solutions, saying they are opening the floor to discussion.

Educators say the quality of education in the state will suffer if not properly funded. Citing problems such as large class size, fewer staff members, old textbooks and supplies and higher fees for students as some of the problems schools have.

Optimistic projections for the next school year are that the per pupil minimum will remain at $6,700. That's where it's been for three years, but schools say it isn't enough because operation costs continue to rise every year. Some districts are trying to plan ahead for further cuts, but say a further reduction in funds will effect education.