Muhammad Honored for Donation

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The hero's welcome he got at Waverly High School Tuesday night was one most high school athletes only dream of, but then again, Muhsin Muhammad was hardly most high school athletes.

Tuesday, he was honored at half-time during Waverly's basketball game against Holt.

"I'd never had an athlete like him," his old coach Kevin Byrnes remembered.

Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Muhammad--who graduated Waverly High School in 1991--remembers 4 years working and working hard.

"We didn't have the best of the best equipment," he says, calling it "fuel to the fire."

On his last trip home he toured the weight room, and saw equipment from when he was in high school. Muhammad turned to Coach Byrnes and asked what he could do.

What he did was produce $50,000 worth of equipment and flooring for the weight room with the help of Hammer Strength, a company that makes weight lifting machiens.

The school has named the fitness center in his honor. The mural features his silhouette.

Waverly football player Tristan Weiss says, "I just love it. I'm gonna work out as much as I can."