Out of State Alcohol Sales

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Attorney General Mike Cox is asking the United States Supreme Court to give states the power to regulate alcohol sales. This after a lower court ruled that out of state alcohol could be shipped into the state by unlicensed dealers. There is a stay on the ruling right now, so it is illegal to ship alcohol for home deliveries from out of state. But several investigations have revealed that residents can still buy beer, wine and liquor over the internet, and have it shipped right to their homes.
One of Cox's concerns is the ability of underaged kids to buy alcohol online. It seems many companies only require a credit card, driver's license and a click of the mouse to buy alcohol. Some under-age buyers were even able to enter a fake birthday in order to buy liquor.
The state also says it can't regulate alcohol quality or collect taxes when unlicensed, unregulated alcohol is allowed in Michigan.
Now that the Cox has entered the appeal, the Supreme Court will decide whether to hear the case.